Connecting advanced technologies
with cinemas


Our group has pioneered digital cinema services by mastering and delivering Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) of numerous movies for showing in theaters, creating Key Delivery Messages (KDMs), and supporting distributors and exhibitors since 2000. Envisioning the advancement of video and network technologies, we have stayed one step ahead and built a track record in the delivery service to theaters.

As of April 1, 2023, Cinema Connect, Inc. will offer the service to deliver DCPs and KDMs, operationally support cinema advertisements, and install and maintain the system for content delivery to movie theaters. Cinema Connect is a newly established company and will liaise with our group companies, such as Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc.

  • DCP and
    KDM delivery

  • Operational support for
    cinema advertising

  • Installation and
    maintenance of
    delivery systems for
    movie theaters

DCP & KDM Delivery to Exhibitor
DCP and KDM Delivery

We annually deliver more than 300 titles to movie theaters in Japan and the world by creating 30,000 DCP copies and 70,000 KDMs with excellence at our facility, which has the nation’s highest capacity.

Our proprietary management system enables secure and precise delivery of DCPs and KDMs, supporting the showing of the movies to audiences.

Shaula—DCP delivery and management system
Shaula enables efficient and precise delivery of DCP data to a server connected to a Theater Management System (TMS) via a secure nationwide VPN built by our group.
CLAVIS—KDM generating and managing system
CLAVIS is a system that supports the playback of movies in theaters. It efficiently generates and manages the delivery of KDMs. Information about the playback device at every theater in Japan is stored in CLAVIS, and the data is constantly updated, enabling precise KDM generation.
Movie Theater Support
Troubleshooting of playback devices and KDM re-generation are among the operational support for movie theaters.


Cinema Connect offers
a Digital Cinema Package delivery service
for movie theaters.

We receive movies and other video content from film distributors and deliver them safely, surely, and speedily to movie theaters across Japan.

The company was named Cinema Connect to reflect our thoughts, an aspiration of a technical service provider to support and pass on to the future the movie-making processes of production, distribution, and exhibition through servicing our customers with a high-added value that would enhance their business efficiency and productivity.

We are excited to launch our newly developed DCP delivery service for movie theaters. This service is founded on our group’s expertise and track record—the operational expertise cultivated over the years as a film laboratory, delivering film prints and digital media, and the track record as Japan’s digital cinema pioneer.

With the hope to play an integral role in further developing the movie and video content industry, we will liaise with Imagica Entertainment Media Service and other group companies and work with devotion. Your continued support will be sincerely appreciated, and we look forward to working with you.

April 1, 2023
Cinema Connect, Inc.
President and CEO
Kotaro Tomisato


Corporate name
Cinema Connect, Inc.
Date established
December 1, 2022
100 million yen
Major shareholders and shareholding ratio
Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc. , 66.6%
Toho Co., Ltd. , 33.4%
President and CEO
Kotaro Tomisato
Head Office
1-14-2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Shinagawa Production Center
3-13-6 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Digital Cinema Package (DCP), containing the main movie, trailer, and cinema ads and Key Delivery Message (KDM) delivery for movie theaters.

Operational support of cinema ads and installation and maintenance of delivery systems for movie theaters.
Group Companies
Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc.
Pixelogic Holdings LLC
PPC Creative Limited


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