Privacy Policy

Cinema Connect, Inc., hereinafter called “our company”, aims to expand the power of contents as much as possible by developing our skills and cultivating the pioneering spirit in order to pursue the possibility of “visual communication”. Understanding the importance of personal information, we consider it our duty to protect all personal information. Therefore, our company regulates and publishes our policy as follows and strives to secure personal information so that we can gain the trust of our clients. We thoroughly enforce this policy with the corporation between business partners, industry organizations and administrative agencies.

  1. Our company complies with protection laws, policies regulated by the government and other guidelines for personal information.
  2. Our company strives to acquire personal information legally, clarifies the utilization purpose and uses the newest information accurately. Furthermore, we never use personal information without approval from our clients and never provide it to any third party.
  3. Our company takes safety measures to prevent leakage, ruination and damage of personal information with corrective and preventive actions.
  4. Our company swiftly and honestly responds to requests, complaints and consultations from clients by setting up contact spots and procedures.
  5. Our company continues to improve the protection management system of personal information in response to changes in safety administration, system technologies and social trends.

Date of enactment:April 1, 2023