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This website policy (the "Site Policy") describes the terms and conditions for the use of www.cinema-connect.co.jp (the "Site"), which Cinema Connect Inc. (the “Company”) operates. It is assumed that a user has agreed to the Site Policy when visiting the Site.


The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the use or browsing of the Site. The URL and information on the Site are subject to change without notice, and the Company may suspend or discontinue the Site at any time without notice.

The Company is not obligated to update the information on the Site, nor does it pledge to do so. The Company does not guarantee that all information on the Site always reflects the latest information.

Information Posted on the Website

The Company may change or discontinue information posted on the Site without notice. The Company publishes information on the Site with extreme care, but this does not mean the Company guarantees the information’s accuracy, reliability, or completeness.

The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred from the information obtained from the Site.


The Company may suspend or discontinue the operation of the Site without notice. Sometimes the Site cannot be used properly due to the user’s communication environment, computer status, or other reasons, and damage may occur for which the Company assumes no responsibility.

Copyrights to the Site’s contents (including but not limited to letters, texts, photographs, videos, illustrations, audio, and music) belong to the Company or the authors who provide the contents and are protected by copyright laws and other related laws. It is prohibited by law, among other things, to reproduce or modify the content and reprint it exceeding the appropriate amount of quoting without the consent of the copyright holder.

Linking to This Website

Setting up a link on this Site can be directly done on the home page or another separate page. However, the structure, URL, and information on this Site are subject to change or deletion without notice, and as a result, the link may not serve the intended purpose.

Sometimes other websites (“Other Sites”) provide links to this Site, but this does not necessarily signify that they are related to this Site. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of Other Sites linked to this Site.

Changes in the structure, URL, or information on Other Sites may break the links from this Site to Other Sites.

Links from this Site to Other Sites do not signify a lasting relationship between the Company and the linked sites.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the contents of Other Sites linked from this Site.

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*Update your browser before using the Site, as browser providers constantly add new features and enhance securities.

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About Cookies

Cookie is data stored on the device of a user who visits a website. This data can be used to control which messages will be displayed (not to re-display a message that is agreed upon) or to change the content according to the history of pages the user viewed. (Cookies do not contain information that identifies you personally)

You can disable cookies through your browser settings. If you choose to disable cookies, some features of the Site or Services may not work as intended.

Cookies to use

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These cookies are necessary to analyze the Site usage and content performance. It is used in conjunction with an analytics service (Google Analytics etc.) that keeps a record of the most accessed pages, the time and number of times they were viewed, and from which sites they were visited.

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These cookies are used to record individual user settings (e.g., font size, display language, etc.) and to provide a function for storing data once it is entered in an input field.

Using Google Analytics

The Site uses Google Analytics provided by Google in order to understand how the Site is used and analyze it to improve its usability. Google Analytics uses the cookies issued by our site to help us understand the user’s data on page views. (The information in Google Analytics does not contain any personal identifiable user information.)

The information in Google Analytics will be managed in accordance with Google’s privacy policy. For more information (https://policies.google.com/privacy)

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About opting out

When you visit the Site for the first time with your browser, we will display a "cookie policy confirmation and consent dialog" to record whether you have agreed to this cookie usage purpose.

If you want to refuse (opt out) again even after agreeing once, please click the "opt out" button here.

This cookie policy does not apply to other websites linked to the Site.
Please refer to the linked website for more information.

Handling of Information Security

The Company handles information assets, including information and data related to videos and images entrusted by its customers, following the information security policy established by Imagica Entertainment Media Services, Inc., the Company’s parent company.